Store Risen is the best channel for product distribution and promotion.

We offer a free windows management application with online store included.


The company's presence on Store Risen will make the company's name and products known to the largest online business community.

Instant comparison with competitors' products: the company will be able to highlight the benefits of its products, which potential customers will be able to quickly compare with the competition.

Visibility and credibility: Even if the company has a website for most of the market it might be an unknown. We offer your company the maximum visibility and you will have credibility.

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If you have a limited budget and want immediate customers this is the type of advertising that suits you. Our system takes over all the products that you have added for sale on and promoting them.

Billing management application.

A windows management and accounting application that takes orders from the online store.


Store Risen organizes offers and products for companies to be found at a click away, all in one place. In addition, each company also receives one site.


Modern online shopping store optimized for search engines.

Increases productivity

Merge the online store and desktop accounting application.